Choosing the Right Shade {Tips and Tricks}

Picking the perfect colors for a wedding can be tough work. There are so many things to consider when bringing an idea together and taking it from imagination to reality. One major thing to consider when choosing the right shade or color to go with your wedding is that not all seafoam greens look the same.

Where to go

There are many brides who see a color they love, ask what the name of it is, and then order that color without making sure it matches the Pantone Matching System. For our stationery customers we highly recommend reviewing our ink color chart before making their final decision.

Here are some great places to check out color swatches to find your true color:

What to look out for

Be aware that some computer monitors will show a slight variation between the color you see on the screen and the true color. So if you have any doubts about selecting the true color feel free to ask your stationery designer to match your Pantone color with a swatch book to the print out if they are printing it. Or just ask for a sample to be sent to you. We want to be sure that it’s the color you absolutely love!  And we love when our brides send us in a color card or fabric swatch to make sure that the color we print is a great choice. Even paint chip samples from the hardware store work great!

Great tips and solutions

We, and most other stationery designers, are happy to send cardstock color swatch chips before our brides order, and always like to send a full printed mockup so the customer can see exactly what their product will look like in person, before all of them are printed and shipped. I definitely wouldn’t risk buying in bulk without asking or getting a sample, because the colors on digital images can show up so much more differently than in print, so I wouldn’t want our brides to do this either!

Check out blogs like The Perfect Palette or this article on Up Market to help choose the perfect shade for your big day. While these sites might not always be geared towards brides, they are geared towards creating the perfect color palatte and can come in handy when choosing the right shade or color.

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