An Invitation Story {San Diego, CA}

By Danielle Simmons

Creating the perfect invitation for my wedding was very important to me. It was the vehicle in which we announced to the world when and where we were tying the knot. I did a lot of research before contacting Adrienne at Custom-Programs. And I knew exactly what I wanted. I had heard that pocket invitations were all the rage and loved the way the “extras” like the RSVP card, Directions & Information looked all nestled in one side of the invitation while the wording stood prominently in the center. And than on the outside of the invitation I was able to customize a logo for our special day. Something I could transfer over from the invitation to the centerpieces to the favors. The theme of my wedding started with that invitation.

Through researching the perfect invitation I found that I not only had to create a pretty piece of stationery, I also had to create the perfect wording. What would go right with the feel of our ceremony? What words would make the guest know exactly what to expect? I spent a lot of time with my friend, Mr. Google. But the problem was that not one article I read just told me exactly what to do. Then I got wind of a person, a screenname actually, on a message board I frequent who actually takes what wording you have and tweaks it for you. And not just to your specifications but also to what is considered “proper etiquette”. Ya know, like asking Miss Manners herself. His name was Chad_n_Jared. Yeah, he’s no longer in’s data base if you’re wondering. Sorta sucks cause he was really helpful at the time and told it to you straight.

Not only did I have two sets of parents giving me away, I also had a father in law who was a junior and I was having a full mass. Figuring out what to say where, what to omit and what to include took a bit of time. I wanted to make sure that everyone who deserved recognition was recognized and didn’t want to offend anyone.

Once I got the perfect wording I was set. I had my invitation design and colors, I had my wording, now I just had to wait for the invitations to come. And since I was a DIYer to save money I had already rallied the troops (i.e. our family) to come and help assemble when they came in. It really was a group effort and I loved every minute of it. Once everything was assembled it was time for me to hand address the invitations, both the inner and outer envelope to Miss Manner’s specifications. Once I saw all of the invitations lined up I felt… accomplished! One more thing off of my LONG to-do list meant I was that much closer to the big day.

I took the invitations to the post office (because how else would I know that the correct postage was selected?) and mailed them off. It was almost like mailing off my babies. I just kept thinking good thoughts for them. Ya know, like “I hope they arrive in good condition” or “I hope that mail sorter thingy doesn’t rip the corner”. Cause I’m a freak like that. But I didn’t feel like that was weird because some of my girlfriends hand canceled their invitations at the post office (not that you’re weird for doing this, I just didn’t know to ask).

Then a few weeks went by and I started getting the RSVPs back! Boy what that fun. Mail arrived just about every day and it wasn’t junk mail! Talk about a great thing to come home to. I had two shoe boxes ready to go for each response. I loved how people would write encouraging comments on the RSVP. I never thought of doing that! Now I do it all the time when I send my own RSVPs in. And after this whole experience I know to send the RSVP right away once I receive the invitation. There were far to many non-responsive people that I had to track down before the wedding and our wedding reception was held on a naval base that required a complete and accurate guest list.

Now that the wedding day has passed (our four year anniversary is coming up in June) the invitation is still a reminder of what a special day we had. I have it framed in the hallway of our house to always remind me of our experience that day as well as the experience of planning our wedding. It truly was an adventure.

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