Back To School DIY Notecards {Free Printables}

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Summer is ending and the kids are heading back to school. And for most that means packing up their back packs, making their lunches, and preparing for the first few days of a new routine. Sometimes the beginning of a school year can be a bit stressful, and because our last Free Printable was so popular, we’re [...]

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DIY Mad Libs Calling Cards {Free Printables}

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Imagine this scenario: you’re out and about when you find yourself in need of sharing your number with someone you’ve just met. Maybe it’s the woman who has a son in your child’s kindergarten class,  wanting to get your kids together for a play date. Maybe it’s a potential employer who has asked if he [...]

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Should I DIY?


Should I DIY? Nowadays, so many guys and gals decide they want to DIY everything. Broken sink? DIY. Paint a room? DIY. Wedding Stationery? Definitely cheaper to DIY…right? Many assume that choosing to DIY a project it it will save them some cash in the process. But before you run to Michaels and buy armfuls [...]

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What To DIY For Weddings – And What Not To

margaretandcurtis_9098 copy

We have a lot of brides tell us after they’ve ordered their invitations and wedding stationery and assembled them themselves that they would have much rather paid a little extra to have us assemble their stationery for them. Not only was it time consuming, but many enlisted the help of family and friends who didn’t [...]

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Ideas for Handmade Paper Valentines

Valentine's Day Coupon Printable Elegance and Enchantment

February 14th is right around the corner and is the perfect way to use stationery to show those you love how much you care. With a few minutes of your time and some beautiful paper you can create something they will cherish forever. Some are more intricate than others, and some come with their own [...]

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Alternatives to the Traditional Guest Book {Ideas and Inspiration}

A few decades back a guest book at a wedding was simply a place where guests signed their names documenting their attendance. Nowadays guest books are a lot more clever and a great way to create a memento from your special day. Here are a few great ideas for different guest books to make your [...]

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Heart Shaped Crayon Valentines {DIY Tutorial}

I first saw the crayon heart valentines on the Family Fun website. I thought they looked adorable but didn’t have a heart mold so I figured I’d just send the regular store-bought valentines instead since I had a few I purchased on clearance a few years back. Then we went to Target and I saw [...]

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Tree Cupcake Topper {101 Woonedeeen DIY Tutorial}

 Now that we’re in the full swing of the holiday season we thought we could share a few fun DIY tutorials and patterns that go great with the holiday season. This tutorial was originally on 101 Woonedeeen however the link that each blog gave to the original post lead us to a 404 error. So [...]

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Kid-Friendly Stamped Cards {Maureen Cracknell Handmade DIY Tutorial}

Source When I stumbled upon the pictures for these adorable rose cards on Maureen Cracknell Handmade’s blog I knew we had to try them out. They were beautiful and unique. Plus they used up the end of a vegetable that I might have just thrown away when I was done using it. This tutorial is [...]

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Bubble Mailers {27 Things DIY Tutorial}

Any time we can use up left over paper and cardstock in a project that will be used frequently we get giddy and excited! So when we saw this tutorial over on the blog (originally from 27 Things) for a bubble mailer we knew we wanted to share it. We are always shipping things [...]

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