Tree Cupcake Topper {101 Woonedeeen DIY Tutorial}

 Now that we’re in the full swing of the holiday season we thought we could share a few fun DIY tutorials and patterns that go great with the holiday season. This tutorial was originally on 101 Woonedeeen however the link that each blog gave to the original post lead us to a 404 error. So we finally found the link to the PDF template (below) and were able to try it out ourselves. And fair warning – it is in a different language.

Simply cut out the strips of paper from the template and weave them onto a skewer stick. Then use the skewer part of the stick to add them to the tops of your muffins, cupcakes or other fun treats!

To download the PDF template go here. Or use scraps of paper you have left over from your latest project to create your own design! Instead of an apple, top with a star for the perfect Christmas tree design.

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