Should I DIY?

Should I DIY? Nowadays, so many guys and gals decide they want to DIY everything. Broken sink? DIY. Paint a room? DIY. Wedding Stationery? Definitely cheaper to DIY…right? Many assume that choosing to DIY a project it it will save them some cash in the process. But before you run to Michaels and buy armfuls of paper, hole-punchers and scissors, make sure you know what you’re getting into! In some cases, DIY may be a great option for your wedding stationery in decor. But in many cases you’ll be wishing you asked yourself “Should I DIY?”

should I DIY-flowchart-712px-01

A few days ago we talked about What To DIY & What Not To. Use this flowchart to help you decide if DIY stationery is for you! Did you get the DIY stamp of approval?  Check out our DIY tutorial videos. Maybe DIY isn’t for you? That’s ok! Read up on our FAQ’s for more information on our custom design & assembly process!

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