Creating the Perfect Program – Choosing the Design {Ideas and Inspiration}

Wedding programs are one of the small details that add that extra special something to your big day. Programs are the first things your guests will see when they arrive at your ceremony so make them spectacular! Your wedding program will help guide your guests throughout the ceremony, as well as being a memento of your wedding.

Personalized with your picture, custom monogram or graphics matching the theme of your event, your wedding program makes a great favor, and your guests will appreciate the help in identifying “who’s who” during the service and in following along with the proceedings.

A wedding program can be exactly what you want it to be, whether it’s a thick booklet, or a single sheet of paper with only the most important details. We realize that this is your wedding, which is why we offer a variety of Do It Yourself and custom wedding programs.

Here is a breakdown of a few different varieties of programs we offer to help you pick out the perfect one for your event. If you don’t see something you love below check out our whole selection of programs on our website. All wedding programs are custom made to suit our clients needs. If you have a specific idea or theme in mind feel free to call us at 877-300-5290 or email us at for any of your wedding program needs.

Choosing the Design

The style of program and the amount of information you include is completely up to you. If you feel it’s important to list all the people included in your ceremony, all the prayers and songs, and even a thank you message to guests, go with a program format that allows you plenty of room to print all that news.

Fan Programs

There are a few different design options when it comes to Fan Programs. And they aren’t all the same size and shape. These great fans offer you a choice of not only personalization but also the flexibility of 3, 4 or 5 panels – a size for every need! This style program is not only a unique favor for your guests but also functional as well. Bound with a gold or silver eyelet. You can also add ribbon tassels to create a unique and personalized touch.

The best part about our fan programs is that there is a DIY option! You can purchase the Perfect Petals DIY fan kit from us and print out your programs at home. You design the look and feel of your programs and assemble them with the eyelets and accessories you choose.

Classic Booklet
Our classic custom printed program includes a folded cover page for the printing of the ceremony information. Insert pages can also be enclosed inside the cover for additional wedding details . This wedding program is bound at the side with saddle stitching (staples) or ribbon as an option. There is also a small booklet program that is perfect if you want a smaller size, but need more space than a single card for your information. This wedding program is bound at the side with saddle stitching (staples) or ribbon as an option.

The column booklet program is similar to the classic booklet but in a long skinny tea length design. An insert page can also be enclosed inside the cover for the ceremony and wedding party information. This wedding program is bound at the side with saddle stitching (staples) or ribbon as an option.

You can also go with the petite and square program. This type of booklet is unique on the outside and opens up to reveal inner content pages. This wedding program is bound at the side with saddle stitching (staples) or ribbon as an option.

Layered Style
This unique style program is created with 4 pages of paper that are stacked in layered increments and tied with a ribbon topper. Similar to the layered program, the stacked column program includes tea length pages that are stacked together and tied with a ribbon topper.

Tea Length
The tea length program is a one page flat panel cardstock. The ceremony and wedding party information can be printed on both front and back of cardstock. Options are available for embellishing this program.

Are you looking for help on designing your programs? Contact us and we’ll be more than happy to design something for you! 

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