Custom Invitation Maps & Direction Cards {Ideas and Information}

When designing your invitation you main focus is to provide the details of your special day to your guests. A great way to help guests is to provide a map with your invitation information showing them where they are supposed to be and where they might be going.

Some guests may be from out of town or are unfamiliar with your wedding venue. By providing a map and directions on how to get there from different points of the city or county you can be assured that the chance of a guest being late due to getting lost or having incorrect directions is reduced.

If you are getting married at a place that is not right next to the location of your reception you can use a map to give step by step directions to your reception location. This will help guests not only find their way to the party but will also give them a way to plan the timing of leaving the wedding location and arriving at the reception location.

When thinking about designs for your map remember a few simple tips.

Less is more
Try to make your map as simple and clean looking as possible. You want to get your guest to their destination, not side track them with extra details and locations.

Include the important information
Try not to forget to put the address(es) on the map. It’s helpful to put the address of the destination in a prominent place so guests can use other mapping tools, like GPS, to get to the destination.

Add a direction card
Including written directions on either the front or back of the map is something that should not be forgotten. Writing directions from the north, south, east and west is very helpful but if you think people will be able to get there by only giving two directions then feel free to do so.

Use simple fonts
A clear, easy to read font should be used on the direction cards. Sometimes more intricate fonts can be hard to read. You can use those pretty fonts for your names and the date if you want to use them. It’s always fun to use the same fonts you’ve used on your wedding invitations. That way the map and direction card have a similar feel to the invitation itself.

If you want to try and design your invitations on your own, we’ve found a great DIY tutorial for you over on Wedding Bee’s blog. It’s actually very similar to the tutorial I used for my wedding map. Then simply send them to us with your invitation order and we’ll print them up for you! Or if you don’t have time to create a map yourself have us design it for you for a small fee.

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