Red Dragon Birth Announcement {Friday Favorites}

Final-dragon_babyedited_2-withlogo The birth of a child is a momentous occasion. In the age of social media most people announce their child’s arrival within a few hours of having the child. But sometimes a digital message just isn’t enough to share your new bundle of joy with family and friends.

This red dragon birth announcement that a recent client requested not only announces their new, gorgeous baby boy, but also ties his birth into tradition and heritage.

Red Dragon Birth Announcement

red dragon birth announcement packaging

Encapsulated in a red dragon egg is a beautiful photo birth announcement. You can include your child’s name, birth date, height, weight and any other information you’d like shared with family and friends.


Because this red dragon birth announcement comes in an egg, special packaging is required so that your announcement arrives safely to each recipient.


The bright red dragon’s egg is enhanced with a red glitter. Inside, the cream cardstock contains a red dragon imprinted on one side and a photo of the child on the other.


Looking to create the perfect birth announcement to share your newest bundle of joy with family and friends? Contact us today to get started.

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