Fabulous Vacation!

Well our week away in Mexico was fabulous! Just the relaxing getaway we all needed – and the kids had a blast their first time in another country. They were thrilled to have their own passports, and LOVED the pool and got the hang of the swim up bar the first day…. to order virgin “Mexican Monkeys” chocolate, bananas and milk…so a shake…mine of course had some Kaluha!

I did manage to answer a few emails and do a few proofs…so it wasn’t a total “getaway” but my Wi-Fi only worked at the pool, (I know, a hard problem) and business office so I didn’t get as much done as I hoped…since I had to trek up a hill and back plus 2 flights of stairs to get the internet to work in the evenings (when I did most of my work) Here are some pics from the top of the hill (where the business center is located) and me working at the pool (on the other side of the hill from our “casa”. ;-)

Please bare with me this week as I am still catching up and have a quite a few emails waiting to be answered!

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