FAQ Series – RSVP Postcards

I get a lot of the same questions over and over again – so will try to cover a few of the more frequently asked ones in this BLOG.

RSVP cards…you now have an option for either a traditonal RSVP card with envelope or an RSVP postcard. An RSVP postcard is just a traditional printed RSVP card on one side…. and on the reverse the return address is printed for the guest to mail direcly back to the host of the party.

The RSVP postcard take less postage (the host sending out the invitation is supposed to add the stamp so these are paid for your guest) only $.27 for a postcard rate rather than the $.42 a 1st class stamp is! AND you save the extra envelope charge – the Envelopments mix and match line prices everything seperately so you will pay an additional $0.30 (or more depending on size and type of paper) or so for each envelope IN ADDITION to the $0.42 stamp to send your RSVP in an envelope! – it really adds up once you purchse one of these for all your invitations!

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