Keeping Your Addresses Current with Postable

In an age that is quickly saying goodby to paper and mailed items, it is getting more and more difficult to keep up with family and friends addresses.  We came across this wonderful site that helps with this problem!


What can you use this app for?

Postable will be a godsend to anyone who has a major event coming up like a wedding or a reunion, as it allows users to handle a 5-10 hour task in a matter of minutes. Postable is deceptively simple: users simply generate a link and send it out to whomever they need contact information from.

As people respond to the link, Postable creates and updates a virtual address book with the most current information. Of course, the app is useful even if a user doesn’t have a major event: birthdays, holidays and anniversaries crop up throughout the year, all events for which an e-mail simply won’t do.

Entrepreneurs might also find this app useful for the touch of customer service it will add, allowing them to send out thank you letters and other important mailers, especially if they send the address book link as a matter of course.

From the creators:

“We created Postable to solve a simple problem: nobody seems to have anybody’s mailing address anymore.  Email addresses and phone numbers don’t help when you want to send somebody an actual piece of mail.  Whether you’re getting married and need to collect hundreds of mailing addresses, sending out Christmas cards or even if you just want to have a complete, up-to-date address book once and for all, Postable makes it extremely easy. We are fanatical about privacy and will never use any piece of information submitted to this site for any reason other than to provide you with an amazing Address Book.”

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4 comments on “Keeping Your Addresses Current with Postable

  1. Rita O'Neal on said:

    This looks great! You don’t even know how many address books, documents, etc I have that I “keep track” of addresses with. There are too many different places. Even then, I still find myself asking for the same people’s addresses over and over.

  2. I need this! Why didn’t someone come up with this sooner. What a great idea.

  3. Kasandria Reasoner on said:

    Interesting! Off to check it out!

  4. This sounds like a great app. Not too long ago I called my mom to get the mailing address for one of my aunts – she said “you don’t have it in your address book?” um – i’m 21, I don’t *have* an address book, lol.

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