New Postage Rates {Ideas & Information}

Starting on April 17th, USPS postage rates will be increasing across a range of denominations. While the one-ounce first class stamp will remain at $0.44, several other postage values will be changing.

New USPS Postage Rates
Postcard – $0.29
1st Class, 1oz. – $0.44
1st Class, 2oz. – $0.64
1st Class, 1oz. Odd Size – $0.84
1st Class, 3oz. – $0.84
1st Class, 3.5oz. – $1.05
1st Class, 4oz. – $1.48
Priority, Flat Rate Envelope – $4.95

So if you’re planning on purchasing postage (or custom postage) please keep these rates in mind.

Save the Date Postage
A year-round favorite, Save the Date postage is a special way for any couple to spread the word about their engagement on every card and letter they send. Make postage designs to match your Save the Date announcements and your guests wont have to question when the big day is again!

Wedding Postage
Similar to Save the Date postage, wedding postage is another popular option for brides. Create postage templates in which you can use your own engagement or wedding photos, and your designs will be a hit among the your guests. You don’t just have to stop at the invitations when using your custom postage, you can also use it on your thank you cards and mail you send all throughout the newlywed stage (including holiday cards!).

Graduation Postage
In addition to graduation announcements and invitations, this year’s grads will also be sending thank you cards. Create graduation postage to stick on all your graduate’s cards and invites, and you may find yourself at the top of the class!

Monogram Postage
Perfect for weddings and other special occasions, monogram postage is another great option for something unique all year long. It’s so versatile! Try creating monogram postage with a particular theme (fall wedding or beach wedding, for instance) or make a range of other colorful designs. And you don’t even have to be getting married to use this postage. Create custom stationery and postage to match so when you’re sending that special person in your life a letter it’ll be sent with style.

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