Sweets and Desserts Tables {Ideas and Inspiration}

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Now I’m sure you’ve seen a few of the dessert tablescapes we’ve done stationery for. And while the sweets table at weddings is a pretty popular thing to do, they aren’t just for weddings. You can also use a desserts table at your next birthday party, baby shower or other special event. Below are a few ideas on what type of sweets to offer as well as the pros and cons of each sweet:

Cupcake Bar
Now with a cupcake bar you can go two ways. You can have a cupcake tower or display of different already decorated cupcakes that your guests can grab and eat right away. Or you can create a true dessert station by setting out plain, unfrosted cupcakes for your guests to frost and top with whatever flavors and treats you’ve set out for them to use. 

For help with choosing what decorations to use for your cupcakes should you choose to go the decorated route we’ve found many different sources of inspiration. One simple “ideas for cupcake bar” search lead me to Cupcake Ideas for You‘s gallery of different cupcakes they’ve done in the past. They include everything from Super Mario cupcakes to Moulin Rouge inspired cupcakes. A great duo of books to check out if you’re really interested in creative cupcake ideas are Hello Cupcake and the newest What’s New, Cupcake. There’s even a blog that also has inspiring pictures not featured in the books. And, of course, Martha is always a great resource.

Candy Bar
Another very popular favorite sweet to put out for your guests after cupcakes is candy. All sorts of candy. You can use wrapped candy to fill up bags and buckets or you can use unwrapped goodies as well. You could even offer personalized candy bars to guests as a take home gift like the ones Rachel Ray has on her magazine’s website. She even lets you download and personalize a few for free!

If you use unwrapped candy (or wrapped candy as well) be sure to include scoops, tongs, spoons or other utensils to help your guests get the candy from the bowl or serving dish to their bag or plate. Some guests might not like to see others put their hands all over the candy they were just about to enjoy. Although we know that it’s more than inevitable at a children’s party.

Cookie Bar
Cookies are a great sweet treat. They’re portable, tasty and very versatile. Choosing 3-4 different recipes and displaying them on different trays and plates will easily attract guests over for a nibble. A few great, hearty cookie recipes that won’t fall apart in your guests hands are:

Chocolate Chip Cookies – or any variation (including oatmeal, raisins, macadamia nuts etc)
Sugar Cookies – with or without frosting
Peanut Butter cookies – but label clearly in case of allergies

A few more ideas can be found at Delish.com or MarthaStewart.com

Assorted Sweet Treats
And if you want to combine a few different sweets at one table please feel free to do so! I don’t think I’ve ever heard a party guest complain about too many desserts!  

You can utilize the sweets tables in two ways, first to serve as dessert for your guests and second to serve as favors for your guests to take home. I like giving the option to do both by having packaging available for each guest to choose their option. Include a small bag or box for your guests to take a few treats home with them. If you’d like you can already package them up and include a favor tag with ribbon to tie the packages shut. Place them close to the entrance or exit of the party so guests don’t forget to take them! 

And remember to order stationery from Cherish Paperie so that your guests know their dessert and sweets options. Your table will look beautiful with this added touch and the guests will appreciate being able to see exactly what they’re eating instead of guessing based on the look of the dessert.

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