The Miracle of Birth {Birth Announcements}

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As I get closer to my oldest child’s birthday I get all nostalgic. And than I see his birth announcement on the refrigerator and think how in the heck did it go so fast? He was sooo tiny!

I think that a birth announcement is very important these days. It’s the way to announce to the world that, after 9 + months, your little miracle is finally here. And after some of the birth stories I’ve heard from friends and family, that little bundle of joy really is a miracle sometimes!

With the amazing options we have now today there’s no lack of creativity when it comes to announcing your child’s birth. You can use a simple photo card with stats or go bigger with an accordion card (like my son’s birth announcement shown above) or maybe a cute pull out like the one pictured below on the left. Below are a few ideas on how to create that perfect memory in the form of a birth announcement.

The Photograph
I really think that the most important feature, no matter what style of announcement you choose,  should be the picture. Choose a photo that shows your beautiful baby off!

For me, newborn photos were a must for both of my children and are something I cherish alongside the announcements. But if you cannot afford newborn photos from a professional photographer check out these tips on newborn photography from DIY Photography.

The Information
Choosing what to write in an announcement may seem like a no-brainer but sometimes adding a bit more is helpful. When I first found out I was pregnant with my oldest I decided to start a blog and update it with the happenings of our life as a married couple (we had only been married a year) as well as what was going on with the pregnancy. So instead of just including the name, date, time and the height and weight you can share the web address of your blog with your friends and family on the announcement so that they can watch your child grow along with you!

The Style
Choosing what you want your announcement to look like is important to some. You want the “cuteness” factor to match that of your little angel. Some prefer to make the announcement gender specific and really play up the sex of the child. I know that for my daughter I was very excited to use a cute, simple girly design that didn’t scream pink. So when I was choosing a photo to use from her newborn session I chose one with reds in it. I than used that picture to help with what style I chose for her announcement. 

The Embellishments
Adding a bit more to the announcement once you have created it can make it come together beautifully. Whether you use a rhinestone for sparkle, or a button for charm, you can really dress up an announcement by small additions. Think about using a “stacked” look for your announcement by using different color paper to back up the wording. Including ribbon or a seal to enhance your product will also make it stand out more. But make sure to keep it simple and let the picture and wording stand out. You want your child to be the star!

And remember… if you see something you like and would like to turn it into a birth announcement even if it isn’t featured as one just ask! Since we are a custom business we can turn any of our creations into the perfect announcement, card, or invitation that you need.

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