My apologies to anyone who has tried to contact us and got a slow response – we have had multiple systems fail this month, and *just* when we think everything is OK again something else breaks…well I guess we were due…I preempted a computer fail in January by getting a new system and copying everything over BEFORE the old one died (I could see the warning signs this time! ;-) and as system replacements go – it was pretty smooth and easy.

July has been a different story….

First it was our Quickbooks system – it decided out of nowhere to just stop working in the middle of doing an estimate (turns out it is something to do with Vista…surprise surprise), and then of course wouldn’t even open to let me look up jobs, customers and contact, payment processing, and invoices…not to mention shipping! YIKES! so after 4 days on and off with tech support it finally gets fixed. only to give us another error in the shipping system…**sigh** at least I can work around this error.

So, another week before that shipping error is fixed, and it is fixed not even a whole day before…yes…the SAME problems we had the week before return….back to another 3 days on tech support and support callback waiting…and LOTS of restarting…deep breath and bigger sigh. of course the same fix from last time doesn’t work wouldn’t you know…

So now another week later – and *almost* an entire week without computer problems when…wait for it…our print server fails…yes our entire printing system goes down…Aggghhhh!!! So another day and a half of trouble shooting that and yes we are finally in the clear……I hope. Keep your fingers crossed!

I am SO ready to leave July behind – and of course it is one of our busiest months of the year – so yes I am working evenings…late (note the time of this post for instance). And weekends trying to catch up on all the stuff we couldn’t do while the computers were down.

So I apologize to everyone of our customers who are still waiting for proofs – they are on the way! and to all those with orders in-house already – they will be done in time, I know I am a bit slow with the proof changes! and all those new inquiries still waiting sometimes up to a week to get a email or phone call back – I am so sorry – there are just not enough hours in the day, and current in house jobs have to take precedence right now, but I do guarantee I will get back to you!

I am slowly making headway on the backlog of work and hope to be caught up by August 1, so please be patient and bear with me! I appreciate your understanding!

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