Baptism and First Communion Invitations {Ideas and Inspiration}

A baptism is a very special moment in a new child’s life. It is something to be celebrated and shared with friends and family. What better way to share this celebration than by designing the perfect invitation!

With Easter right around the corner I have started looking into designing an invitation for my daughter’s baptism. Many who know me know that I LOVE the little details. When I throw a party I want everything to be perfect and that includes the invitations. I also want to make sure that the colors and embellishments match the decor I plan on using. That way I can tie in the theme of the event. Now a theme doesn’t have to be elaborate. It can be as simple as using the same color palate for the decorations and paper goods. And this doesn’t mean matchy matchy.

I think the best part about designing my invitation is that I don’t have to stick to the standard baptism invitations. I can really use just about any invitation and customize it to fit my occasion. So don’t let the names of the invitations stop you if they say “wedding” or “baby“. Any of these can be used for other events!

I am thinking of using pinks and silver as the base for my daughter’s baptism and love this invitation. The best part is that I can DIY it and add my own personal touch to it. Now, if you aren’t that into DIY you can always have Custom Programs print and assemble for you! Then they can ship them to your door ready to be sent out to your guests.

First Communion invitations are also something to start thinking about. If your child is planning on completing their first communion this year than you may want to start thinking about this announcement as well even if you aren’t going to have a reception afterward. Acknowledging this joyous event in your child’s life will not only make others aware of your child’s accomplishments but will also let your child know how special it is to you that they are taking this next step into their relationship with God.

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