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Many of our customers are surprised when we mention that we also print business cards (and playdate cards). I know it may seem a bit odd at first but, then again, we are a paper company! Business cards are a great way to get your name and your business out there.

I know that many times I am out and about and don’t realize that I may make a connection with someone who might be interested in Cherish Paperie and I’m always saved by this little piece of paper. Much easier than trying to pull up our blog or website on the smart phone. Plus, the person I’m conversing with will be able to take a look at our website at home at their own pace. 

Do you have multiple ventures? If you run multiple blogs or websites, or if you are a Jack (or Jill) of all trades then a great idea for your card is to put your personal information (name, phone, email) and include a link to your page. You can then include all of your different outlets in one spot and you don’t need a different business card for each different venture.

Another great addition to your business card is a QR code. The QR code can direct people to your website, blog or page. To create your QR code you just use a QR code generator, like this one, and save the QR code picture to your desktop. You can also track the amount of “hits” you get from your QR code by following this tutorial.

If you’re interested in ordering business cards for you or your business contact Cherish Paperie today! We’d love to print them for you. We also do customized business cards as well. Below is the pricing.

Pricing for Business/Playdate Cards

50 – $40 with artwork | $25 if artwork is provided
100 – $45 with artwork | $25 if artwork is provided
250 – $55 with artwork | $30if artwork is provided

All pricing is for flat color printing on standard paper (no texture or metallic) and does not include shipping. To see the paper colors available please check out our website.

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