Day-Of Timelines {Ideas and Inspiration}

We just recently discussed wedding maps and great ways to design and include them into your invitation. Now lets talk about day-of timelines. These cards simply let those around you know where they’re supposed to be and when so there’s no confusion about the timeline of the day. There are two different versions of the day-of timeline; there is the wedding schedule timed out by 15 minute increments to give to all of the wedding vendors and then there is the cliffs notes version to give to your bridal party and any other important guest at the wedding who needs to know the timing of everything.

Wedding Day Timeline
Wedding Day timelines are a must for your wedding vendors. If you’ve already hired a wedding planner than the planner will more than likely create this timeline for you as the big day gets closer. But if you’re going at it alone you may need to create one yourself to pass along to your vendors. Basically this timeline tells the people you’ve hired when to get where and sometimes what to do.  Here are a few things to consider while planning out your wedding timeline:

Hair & Make Up – Getting Ready
For most brides, the morning of the wedding is the busiest. Not only do you have tons of people around you, there are also a lot of things going on. Making sure that you schedule enough time for hair and make up is very important because this will affect whole day’s schedule. Not only should you write down the time you are scheduled to get your hair and makeup done but also write down what time those in your bridal party are getting dolled up as well. Also include the time that your ride should pick you up and take you to your ceremony location unless you are getting ready at the ceremony location.

For great tips on how to schedule your hair and makeup check out Wedding Photography Directory’s post about Wedding Day Schedule Planning and Strategy.

Photography – Before or After
While most traditionalists believe that the bride and groom should not see each other until they meet at the alter, many brides nowadays are choosing to forgo this tradition in order to give themselves more time to enjoy their cocktail hour and reception. Make a decision that works for you and let everyone know when and where you would like your photographs to be taken.

Some great tips and tricks for wedding day photography can be found on Style Me Pretty in an article written by Christian Oth.

Ceremony and Reception
Now the ceremony might seem like an easy thing to schedule. But you also have to remember to include when the florist should arrive if you are having the location decorated, when the musicians or singer(s) should start and the timing of the processional and recessional so everyone is on the same page.

And the most amount of time scheduled will more than likely be at your reception. Not only are you scheduling set up, caterers and entertainment but you also want to include fun events like special dances, speeches and cake. Just make sure that while planning out your schedule you also include a special time for you and your spouse to have a moment or two to relish in the excitement of finally being married!

If you are in need of a template for your more detailed schedule check out this Google Doc created by Michelle Rago and Style Me Pretty.

Cliffs Notes Card
This simple card basically just gives the cliffs notes version of your wedding day timeline to your bridal party in a cute, stylish fashion. You simply include the times of the events they need to be at. You can also include information on the back of the cards that detail what each member of the bridal party is responsible for if there are responsibilities at the wedding for them to perform.

For great DIY timeline ideas please check out the following sites:
Adorkable Duo
NYCity Weddings

Cherish Paperie can also design your wedding day timeline to match your invitations or other wedding reception stationery. Just let us know what you want and we’ll create it!

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