DIY Halloween Crafts to Trick and Treat your friends {Free Printables}

It’s the week before Halloween, and what better way to celebrate than with DIY Halloween crafts and sharing tricks and treats with your neighbors and friends? This week’s DIY Freebie Printable will help you create your very own BOO Bags to spread the spooky cheer around the office or neighborhood this Halloween.

If you’ve never heard of the Boo Bag tradition, it’s a fun and slightly mischievous way to share the spirit of Halloween with others. No one knows exactly when this simple game began, but all you have to do is make a few goodie-bags for neighbors or coworkers, add an “I’ve Been Booed” sign and instruction sheet to the bag, and sneakily deliver the bag to your friends’ desks or doorsteps! Once they’ve been “BOOED”, they can pass on the fun by putting up their “I’ve Been Booed” sign and making their own goodie bag for their friends! Kids will love seeing “I’ve Been Booed” signs pop up around the neighborhood, and who doesn’t love finding a bag of treats?

DIY Halloween Crafts: BOO Bags

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  • Printed BOO sign and instructions templates, found here:
    1. To BOO your neighbors // 2. To BOO your coworkers
  • Paper lunch bags
  • Goodies for the Boo Bag (candies, giftcards, tissues, pencils, erasers, get creative!)
  • Stapler OR hole-punch and ribbon
  • Scissors OR X-Acto blade, metal cork-backed ruler & cutting mat


Download the two templates listed above (depending on whether you’d like to BOO your neighbors or coworkers, choose either #1 or #2 for the sign.) and open it up in Adobe Reader. If you don’t have Reader, you can download it for free here. Once open, print the document on a heavyweight card stock of your choice.

{TIP: Try printing on orange card stock to help set a spooky mood!}

Everything can be printed one-sided, but print the sign and instructions double-sided if you’d like to save paper!

If you are unfamiliar with how to print a two-sided document, Adobe has created a useful guide for double-sided printing. Even if your printer only supports one-sided printing, you can still manually print two sides by printing and then reloading the paper upside down.

back to school diy notecards; diy; printables; leave notes for your kids; writing notes; tutorial; tutorials for moms; moms; kids; teens; college kids STEP TWO // CUTTING

Using either scissors or an X-Acto knife or other craft knife, cut along all the dotted lines on the BOO Bag Labels. An X-Acto knife will give a more precise cut, however, if you decide to use an X-Acto please be sure to follow our safety tips below.

X-Acto Safety Tips:

  • Always cut on a self healing cutting mat to protect your work surface. These can be purchased at craft stores like Joann’s or Michaels, or any other art supply store.
  • Always use a metal ruler with a cork or foam backing. The ruler helps you achieve a straight cut and the cork backing prevents the ruler from slipping. Line up the ruler along the dotted line, and follow the edge of the ruler with your blade. Make sure your fingertips are not hanging over the edge of the ruler!
  • Make sure the X-Acto blade is fresh and sharp. Dull blades can slip or “jump” while cutting, which could cause injury. Plus, sharp blades give a cleaner cut!
  • Do not force the blade to cut through the paper entirely on the first pass. Some thicker card stocks may require you to cut two or three times along the same line.

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Fill your BOO Bags with goodies and treats. Remember to fold up the BOO Sign and Instructions and slip them in the bag as well! You can even include extra instructions and signs for your friends to make their own bags. Finally, fold the top of the bag down either staple or use a hole punch and ribbon to secure the BOO label to the front of your bag! (Labels can also be glued onto bags, feel free to get creative!)

halloween DIY crafts; Hoy to make a boo bag; boo bag; halloween ideas; holiday cards halloween DIY crafts; Hoy to make a boo bag; boo bag; halloween ideas; holiday cards halloween DIY crafts; Hoy to make a boo bag; boo bag; halloween ideas; holiday cards

Did you give it a try?

We’d love to see your pics of your BOO Bags in action! Instagram or Tweet us at @cherishpaperie and share the BOO with us as well!

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