Escort Cards {DIY Ideas}

There are always fun and interesting ways to display escort cards. Whether you use an actual card or a seating chart you can make this fun for your guests. I personally loved using DIY Wedding‘s website for my wedding so when I was thinking of ideas on how to display escort cards I went to go look and see what they recommended on their site. And as always, I wasn’t disappointed.

I’ve highlighted a few of Mette‘s ideas below with pictures and links to DIY tutorials and other ideas that you could use to display your guests names and seating arrangements.

Tent Cards
The simplest way to display your guests names is to use a tent card and arrange them on a table at the entrance of your reception room. Display the cards in alphabetical order or grouped by table.

You can also place an escort card in an envelope (as pictured) and display them on a table as you would a tent card. Using the envelope flap to prop up the card so it’s more visible.

Escort Card Tree
This is a great alternative if you’re planning on using a thumb print tree as a guest book or have a fall or spring themed wedding. Hang your escort cards from branches on an escort card tree. You can use a paper tree or construct a real tree by using tree branches from your florist or local craft supply store. Use ribbon or string to tie the escort cards to the branches. Check out this great tutorial at the Zella Guide or this one over on Style Me Pretty for more inspiration.

Line Dry
Hang the cards on lines of ribbon. Hold the cards in place with small pegs – a little like you would with laundry. Or you can use ribbon to tie them. Just make sure that your guests can take the card with them easily so they know where they’re going.

Frame It
Frame a big seating chart in a large frame or display smaller charts in smaller frames. One seating chart – per table – per frame. I loved the smaller frames featured over on Blog, Shmog. The different colors and sizes of frames and fonts create a unique fun look.

Dry Erase Fun
Avoid printing and simply write your guests names and assigned tables on a large piece of glass (i.e. a big frame). Write with a marker pen made for glass. We stumbled upon a beautiful variation of this type of display over on The Lane. Their use of an old window is fabulous.

Photo courtesy of Adagion Studios

Sweet Treat
Attached escort cards to a favor – i.e. a cellophane wrapped cupcake homemade rumball, chocolate or similar. Or make up small bags with your favorite tea or coffee in them. Attach a ribbon and an escort card to them and lay the bags out on a table.

Wrap up medium sized flat chocolate bars in decorative paper and use them as escort cards by adding names and table numbers to them. Or let us design some for you!

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