Invitations for Spring…

With all the hustle and bustle of the holidays it is easy to overlook the fact that NOW is the time to order your custom invitations for spring 2010 weddings.

Typically the custom design process takes 4-6 weeks before you receive the invitations, and you should be sending them out to your guests approx 6-8 weeks before your event…this means that brides with a wedding anytime January should have already placed an order (or be doing it in the next week or so!!

February Brides should order in November, March Brides order in December, and April Brides in January. Keep in mind winter is the “off” season for wedding stationery, so you will get faster service the earlier you order, typically 4 weeks or less – come January orders will be taking the full 4-6 weeks again!

I always recommend ordering early…you don’t need to have all your information together to order, we can put placeholders in if you are still waiting on menu or hotel choices…it is the design process that takes the longest since we like to go back and forth with you a few times to make your custom design perfect for you! Visit our gallery to see ideas!

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