Playing with Envelopes {Ideas and Inspiration}

Now I know that Miss Manners and etiquette say that you should always hand address your invitation envelopes but if you don’t mind going against the grain there are a few things you can do to spice up your envelope. Using different fonts, colors and even a picture or two can take your envelope, and invitation, to a new level.

You can stick with simply using a calligraphy type font to go with a classic, elegant look. Having us print the names and addresses of your guests directly on the envelope will save you time and money (if you were going to invest in a calligrapher).

Another great idea that some brides are doing is to have a calligrapher write the return name and address out and turn that calligraphy into a stamp. This not only is perfect for your invitations but will also be something that you can use for years to come!  You can find many stamp makers who do this but a few we like are Emilie Friday, Fawnsburg and eDanae.

Using a different font can lighten up an invitation envelope. And playing with different font sizes can also make your invitation envelope stand out and stay unique.

Adding a simple picture that ties your envelope in with your wedding theme can give the guests a glimpse of whats to come. By adding color to the envelope, whether that color is the envelope itself or the font and picture on the envelope, you can also change the look and feel of this important piece of stationery.

And remember if you are using a black or very dark envelope color you will need to use calligraphy in either white or silver ink or you can use our custom wrap around labels. The labels would also work well with other envelope colors as well.

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