Printing Techniques {Ideas and Information}

In order to help you pick out the perfect paper and printing technique combo for your invitations we’ve broken down the different printing techniques we use and have provided information about each of them; including what paper is best for each technique. Certain printing techniques will apply more pressure to the paper than others. So if you’ve already fallen in love with a particular paper, ask us what your printing options are and go from there. Figure out what you love and play around a bit. There’s a printing and paper combo out there for you. 

The most popular printing method today is engraving. It provides the most classic, timeless look for your save the dates and invitations. Engraving generally works best on a cotton fiber paper, which can hold up to the stress of the process. Paper made from wood pulp will likely break apart. If you already know for sure that you want engraved invitations, pick a very strong stock that can hold fine detail. Request 100-percent cotton paper if this is the method you plan to use.

For brides on a budget, thermography is a great alternative to engraving. And it is typically 20–25 percent less than the cost of engraving. The difference between engraving and thermography is that engraving has indents on the back and thermography doesn’t.

If you do want to use this printing technique on your invitations than rethink using dark paper and light ink. You won’t be able to use this combo since thermography is a heat-based method that fuses ink with resinous powder. But if you have already chosen a dark paper then have no fear! Thermography may not be the way to go but you have options.

Letterpress is another method to look at and choose from. This method works best on soft and bulky paper to produce a crisp look with a very deep impression. This is a great alternative to engraving if you prefer a different look to thermography and engraving. 

Mixing It Up

A great way to change the look and feel of your invitation is to mix type styles. By choosing a different font for one line on your invitation or save-the-date you can make that wording stand out from everything else. If nothing on our website or blog intrigues you, try flipping through design books and magazines for inspiration. By researching what the trends are in graphic design, you’re sure to find a new and edgy look. And no matter what design type you choose in your paper communication with guests, you want to remain consistent.

Another great way to set your invitation apart from the rest is by moving your wording away from the center of the invitation and experimenting with left or right type justifications. Many couples like to place their monogram in the upper or lower corners of the invitation, or justify important information to the right or the left for a modern feel.

But with all of these changes, make sure your invitation is still readable. While it’s fun to play with settings and placement, remember that guests still need to gather information from your invite. Try not to make it too difficult to figure out. Above all, you want to maintain a clean, consistent look and feel.

Playing Around with Color
Wedding invitations no longer have to be an ordinary white card with plain black type. While cream- and ecru-colored papers were once the gold standard in wedding invitations, couples today want to switch things up. Espresso and navy are two of the most desired paper colors, while cream and ecru are still making their mark—this time as ink. Today, you can have a little fun and be creative with your invitation design and still uphold a certain level of formality.

If you’re torn between a few different looks for your stationery, try expressing your personality in your save-the-dates. Many brides choose a save-the-date that’s completely different from their invitation; there’s no rule that says it has to match the entire wedding set. One emerging save-the-date trend is to send a photo strip of yourselves mounted on a card or magnet. This is a great way to share those fabulous engagement photos you took!

Please Remember
Don’t forget to request a proof before you sign off on your final design. The bride and groom are ultimately responsible for everything on the page, so double- and triple-check that everything is spelled correctly and that the design you’ve chosen is one you truly love. To figure out when to start researching invitations and when to order check out our estimated timeline.

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