Tea Time {Party Planning Ideas}

Going to tea is coming back in style. Over the past five years there has been an increase in tea shops opening all over the US. Utilizing these shops for your next shower or party is a fabulous way to show that special someone that you care about them and also allows you to host a fabulous party without any worry. No prep, no decorations to worry about and no clean up. The tea shop does everything for you!

Now I’ve been to quite a few bridal parties at tea shops over the years. It has been great every time I go. And Adrienne has even started going regularly to meet her friend for tea each month. The food is fabulous, the tea is flavorful and never lacking in choices and the service has never been less than stellar.

And bridal showers aren’t the only thing you can celebrate at a tea shop. Baby showers are also a great event to host at one. And if you have a little girl in your life who you want to take out and celebrate you should do it over tea. I don’t know many girls who would turn down tea. Especially if they get to dress up for the event as well. I know one of our local tea places has a hat rack and a plethora of boas to choose from should you decide to dress for the occasion but forgot your hat and boa at home. My mother in law treated me to lunch here when I was pregnant with my first child “just because.” It was perfect.

I have found two websites that can help you find that perfect tea shop for your next event. Both Tea Guide and Tea Map have suggestions on locations in your area complete with reviews. You can also always do a quick Google search to find the nearest one.

And, of course, no tea party is complete without an adorable invitation! We have this tea bag invite ready to use for your next event! Just contact us or head on over to our website to order yours today.

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