The Letter Writing Process – How to Start {Ideas and Information}

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In an age of electronic devices, handwritten letters are a unique joy to receive in the mail. With text messages and emails who has time to sit down and write a letter? The meaning behind the written word shows a lot more than just type font on a computer screen or cell phone. Whether you are sitting down to write a thank you note or sending a card as a quick hello to a friend, writing a letter shows effort and care. And as we’ve mentioned before, more and more people are getting back into letter-writing.

For some, writing is very cathartic. From personal experience with my family blog and this blog I find that writing allows me to be creative and also gives me a place to display all of the bottled up information I have inside out to everyone. And if a public blog isn’t for you, some find journals or notebooks a great way to keep track of what they’re thinking, how they feel and whats gone on in their lives.

Writing letters is also a great way to connect with yourself and with others. I’ve been writing letters to my children since before they were born. I find that it helped connect with them and it also is helping me remember how they were at different stages of their lives. Writing letters has also helped in remembering what is going on in the world at that time. Many historians have uncovered information in the form of letters written back and forth. So it is very important that we continue to write.  

To make a letter seem more personal you can purchase custom stationery. The stationery can be either in the form of a folded card or a flat card, or you can choose to have custom paper printed for you. The stationery can include a simple monogram or personalization at the top or a nice design or border. Once you’ve decided what size and design you want your stationery to have you can order it through Cherish Paperie

Once you’ve received your custom stationery you’re ready to pick up your pen. Now you have to decide who you are writing to. Are you writing to a friend who just recently moved? Are you thanking a grandparent for a gift given to your child? Or are you sitting down to write a letter to a friend you haven’t spoken with in a while? Once you know who you’re writing to you can start focusing on what you’re going to write.

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