Wedding Stationery Trends {Ideas and Information}

Here at Cherish Paperie we love reading about new trends and ideas in stationery. And sometimes we are surprised to find that we’ve already started working on a few invitation designs that make the lists of top wedding trends.

On The Knot’s website they have an article listing the top 10 wedding invitation trends. One of those trends was to use pinstripes and embellish your invite with rhinestones and other jewels or beads. We love when we can design something that not only utilizes these trends but also highlights a couple’s unique personality.

We found a few great ideas on The Knot’s website that we’ve added to below. Have you used one of these ideas for your wedding? We’d love to hear what you’re doing with your invitations. Is there a new trend your starting? Let us know about it!

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Custom Illustrations
One of the hottest new wedding paper trends: Custom-illustrated stationery featuring architectural sketches of your wedding venue and handwritten wedding details of the weekend. Have each piece hand-illustrated or get an artist to design them and then digitally print them yourselves.

One of the most talented artists we know who has come up with stunning invitations for brides to be time and time again is Kristy Rice. Her talented artwork and designs are the perfect solution to your hand-illustrated invitation needs.

Breaking the Pattern
Instead of sticking to one wedding motif on your stationery, mix it up by incorporating different, but similar,  patterns on each place card or invitation. Including stripes on one piece and The slight variance of each piece will add visual interest to your escort card table and keep things from looking too uniform.

Wedding Weekend Timeline Cards
Similar to the relationship timeline save-the-date idea, add one of these “weekend of events” cards to your welcome baskets. Design them using fun graphics or have them match your invitations and other reception stationery. These cards are perfect for the holiday weekend wedding or destination wedding and can be sent with the invitation or sent when guests respond with their RSVP.

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Wedding Tree Guest Books
Lose the traditional guest book and create a wedding guest tree instead. Paint a basic tree shape on a poster and provide paper leaves for guests to sign and attach. You can even label the branches (“Bride’s side,” “Groom’s side,” “College friends,” etc.) so guests know where to stick their leaf.  And if you aren’t a DIY type of gal then there are quite a few designs to choose from over on Etsy. Want an even more personal touch? Instead of signatures, set out green ink pads and let guests create the leaves with their thumbprint.

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