10 Ways to Guarantee Guests Will Love Your Wedding

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While planning a wedding, sometimes we can get swept up in the details that we love and we can forget about those who will be attending the wedding. While the wedding is for the bride and the groom, it’s also a big party to celebrate with family as friends so keeping your guests in mind can help make the event enjoyable for all attending.

By adding a few simple touches to your perfect day you can be assured that your guests will not only have a good time, but they’ll remember your wedding for a lifetime to come! And who doesn’t want that?

Here are a few great ways to guarantee your guests will love your wedding.

10 Ways to Guarantee Guests Will Love Your Wedding


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1. Tote Bags for Out of Town Guests – Hosting a destination wedding? Supplying guests with a welcome tote can be a wonderful surprise after a long journey! Fill it with goodies, water bottles, welcome brochures, and tips for fun local things to do during their stay.

2. RSVP Song Request Cards - When guests send in their RSVPs leave a little spot so that they can request their favorite song! Not only does that make them feel like they’re already a part of the wedding, you can veto any songs you don’t approve before it even gets to the DJ!

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3. Fan Programs - Whether you’re outdoors or inside a church, depending on the time of year your guests can get hot and uncomfortable. By choosing gorgeous fan programs you can create a way for your guests to know what’s going on and stay nice and cool.

4. Edible or Usable Party Favors - If you’re considering party favors for your guest try and think of things that your guests can use. Chocolates and other edibles are always nice especially if the cocktail hour and dinner hour aren’t close together. As are gifts like seeds to plant, etc. Sometimes little trinkets that we love will just leave our guests wondering what they’re going to do with them. Need ideas? Check out this great article.


{photo by Krista Mason}

5. Interactive guest book - Instead of having your guests simply leave their signatures make your guest book fun! Consider a photo booth or have each guest leave their thumb print. There are so many different ways you can allow your guests to interact at your wedding.

6. Flip Flops for the Dance Floor - the number one rule at a wedding is to have fun! So when guest want to get down and boogie they want to be comfy. By having a nice selection of flip flops available for them on the dance floor you can be assured that no one will be sitting out.

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7. Vases for your bridesmaid’s bouquets - no bridesmaid wants to have their bouquet tossed on it’s side while she enjoys the reception! By placing vases at the bridesmaid’s tables they can rest assured that their bouquets will be just as beautiful as when they were walking down the aisle. Plus they’ll create beautiful centerpieces!

8. Keep the wine flowing - while it’s not necessary to have a full bar, consider stocking up on wine and beer for your guests and perhaps one signature cocktail for your big day. That way guests won’t feel pressured to purchase drinks at the bar unless they really want to.


{photo by Krista Mason}

9. Let them eat cake - we all know that sometimes the wedding festivities take some time, but try not to make the guests wait too long to cut the cake. Or consider having some cupcakes on hand to give to those who might not be able to stay all night to wait for that special moment. Everyone will be happy!

10. A safe ride home - Having the options for your guests to take a taxi or shuttle bus from your venue to their front door will assure everyone arrives at their homes safely. Plus it’ll be one last thing you’ll have to worry about!

What is one thing you love to see at weddings?

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