Fun DIY Fans {Ideas and Information}

I get a lot of questions from customers about how they can “liven” up their DIY fans. Here are a few suggestions:

Adding a fun brad or eyelet 
You can find these at your local scrapbook store and at places like Michaels and JoAnn craft stores. The eyelets we use for our custom fans are most similar to the fabric ones because we buy them in bulk, but any of the fun ones work great too!
I definitely recommend a Crop-o-dile as the easiest way of setting the eyelets – this is a great tool that punches the hole and crimps the eyelet and it can be found almost everywhere, Wal-mart or Amazon, to your local scrapbook store (hint: you barely need to press the handles to crimp the eyelet, to hold the fan together with this machine…too hard and the petals will not turn)

Playing with fonts and graphics
You can find some cool FREE fonts: or you can purchase some nicer ones: or
Find FREE graphics or you can purchase graphics: or

Adding embellishments
Adding rhinestones, charms or different color ribbon will give your program a different look and is the easiest way to match your program to the rest of your wedding. Ebay is a great place to find these embellishments and is quite inexpensive for bulk items.

By using these tools to transform your programs you will be able to personalize and create the perfect program. Your guests will appreciate seeing some of your personality in them as well. And remember to have fun!

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