Most Common Misspelled Words on Invitations {Stationery Tips and Tricks}

There are a few words and phrases that a majority of brides use in their invitations; whether it be on the actual invitation itself or on the cards inside the invitation. And some of those words are almost always misspelled without the bride even knowing it sometime. You see, our friend spell check sometimes gets it wrong. And our friends over at Custom Paperworks have pointed out a few key words that you might want to double check the next time you type up an invite.

Here’s what they’ve found:

  1. Accommodations – two c’s and two m’s
  2. website – no capital W
  3. email – no capital E and no hyphen 
  4. traveler (or traveller in the U.K.)
  5. regrettably, regretfully – one had two t’s
  6. two thousand eleven – now this was a big one for me… there is no AND when typing out the date
  7. honour vs. honor – both are correct but, as Custom Paperworks points out, be consistent with other O and OU words
  8. presence – you don’t want people thinking that you want their presents only, that’s rude.
  9. St., Ave., Blvd. – Spell out each word… it’s prettier. 
  10. Double spaces between sentences do not exist in the graphic design world. Ever.
  11. dessert is what you serve, desert is where you go for sand
  12. hors d’oeuvres/hors d’oeuvre – the correct way to spell them
  13. Now this has nothing to do with your invitations and wasn’t included on Custom Paperworks’ list but it’s a big one we see commonly misspelled… stationery is spelled with an E. Not an A. Whew… it felt great to get that off my chest.

Want more great tips? Check out what else the great folk over at Custom Paperworks have to say on their blog! They have plenty more stationery tips for you to check out.  

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