#1 Proofreading Tip {Ideas & Information}

Proofreading Tips

We’ve talked about proofreading before on the blog but there’s one thing we’ve left out. I read a tip a few years ago, and was so surprised I hadn’t known about it before. When proofing, to read the words backwards. It seems if you are reading a word right to left your brain will catch [...]

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Most Common Misspelled Words on Invitations {Stationery Tips and Tricks}

There are a few words and phrases that a majority of brides use in their invitations; whether it be on the actual invitation itself or on the cards inside the invitation. And some of those words are almost always misspelled without the bride even knowing it sometime. You see, our friend spell check sometimes gets [...]

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The Importance of Proofreading {Ideas & Information}

So you’ve created the perfect custom invitation and are ready to tell us to send it to the press. Before signing off on your custom invitation we highly suggest going over your final proof with a fine tooth comb. Proofreading your invitation could mean the difference between having your friends and family show up at [...]

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