Paper Layering Tool {DIY Tutorial}

We recently ran across a genius DIY idea to make perfectly positioned layers on your invitations and DIY paper projects over at Project Wedding from a post in their forums. The poster’s idea stemmed from a product that Envelopments carries called the JIGster. And since the JIGster costs upwards of $70 it just isn’t in the budget for some DIY brides.

The end product creates the perfect template to use in layering paper on top of one another giving a clean, even look every time! I might just use this on my holiday cards this year to position my family pictures! The directions to make your own are below:

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  • Go to your local craft store and look in their pre-cut picture mat section. Just buy the cheapest one (Michaels had a 5×7 that was already layered at a 1/4″ – it was $1.80).
  • Pick up some foam board (or anything that is sturdy). I picked up a small piece for $0.99 which I cut to make two 5×7 rectangles.
  • Using an x-acto knife make a clean slice in two opposite corners.
  • Using a hot glue gun (or any craft glue) and glue the 1st piece of mat on to the background board*
  • Measure where you want the 2nd mat to hit… since mine was already at 1/4″, I didn’t need to do much. If you wanted an 1/8″ or three levels you’ll just need to measure where the steps should go and layer appropriately.
  • Glue the 2nd mat on top of the 1st mat.
  • Let it dry and you are good to go. Perfect edges without driving yourself mad!
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*The poster’s only note is to glue close to the edges on the first mat. The paper that she printed on was thinner and had the potential to slip under the mat.

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