Pinspired Inspiration Boards {Ideas & Inspiration}

Where do you draw inspiration from?

Do you love looking through the latest magazines? Or do you like to browse the internet for ideas and encouragement?

Over the past few months we’ve been working on sharing where we draw inspiration from on Pinterest. We’ve dedicated a few boards to highlight not only what we’ve created but what others have created as well. Because of the great way Pinterest allows us to separate different ideas on different boards we are able to categorize all of our ideas in one place.

And we have to admit… we’ve grown quite addicted.

Cherish Paperie Pinterest Webshot Pinterest is becoming an amazing resource for brides planning their big day. Being able to quickly pin a dress style or flower arrangement to their bridal boards has proven to be much easier than cutting pictures out of magazines like I did when I was getting married.

Once a bride has a vision for their wedding they can share that vision with others who are a part of the big day by simply sharing a link to their Pinterest board. In an effort to better understand what a bride wants in her wedding stationery, Cherish Paperie can use the bride’s Pinterest board for inspiration when coming up with ideas.

Pinterest isn’t just for wedding planning either.

I’ve been able to plan two birthday parties with the help of my personal Pinterest boards. And by pinning the ideas I love I’ve been able to share my inspiration with other mamas who are planning similar themed parties.

A few minutes a day… ok, a few hours a day sometimes… has proven to be a timesaver later on when nailing the details for a special occasion.

So head on over and check out our Pinterest boards! We’d love for you to follow us.

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2 comments on “Pinspired Inspiration Boards {Ideas & Inspiration}

  1. Cecile on said:

    I love Pinterest! It is so easy to organize all my ideas and then find the items later when needed. So much better than just bookmarking!

  2. Mel @ Outnumbered 3 to 1 on said:

    Pinterest is amazing! I am so happy to have found it before starting my wedding planning because I found some awesome ideas from there!

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